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European marathon of endurance - Raid Rodopi 2004

600 kilometres race!
The Weekend 6 and 7 November 2004, organised by the the RAID RODOPI, a marathon of endurance with the support of magazines MOTO, 0300, 4X4 Magazine and DRIVE. The marathons of endurance are races of big distances on and off road in the Greek nature, with form and regulations that approach the big races of endurance, like the international Rally Raid.

The routes are adapted in the Greek land relief and conditions and crosses the beautiful forestall roads in mountains.
Participants, with the directives from the road book that they receive in departure of the race, should make the special stages in the most optimal time with their motorcycle or car.

The RAID RODOPI, is two-day European race with total length of 600 kilometres, which participants is called to cover in two etapes, with a intermediary one-night stop.

The departure will be given in the city of Drama, in Saturday 10:00 and after 340 kilometres, will return behind, for reconstruction and service in open bivouac in Dakar style. After a short preparations and rest the race, will be continued the next morning, with participants complete the second leg, returning in the Drama for the finish and the ceremony of awards giving.

The Raid Rodopi is the third race for this year and it has aim to constitute the bigger adventure for participants!
For first time, in the race they can take part and truck 4X4 beyond the usual attendances of motorcycles and cars 4X4. This time are expected also foreigner participants from Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The stages take place in Rodopi mountain and we have many categories even for unprepared vehicles.

In brief the categories are:
Enduro (motorbikes up to 656cc and weight up to 135kgr)
On-Off (motorbikes up to 656cc and weight from 135,1 up to 18 kgr)
Big On-Off (motorbikes above 656cc or with weight above 180,1 kgr)

Normal 4X4 (No roll cages, and any modification)
Medium prepared 4X4 (No roll cages, and small modifications)
Full Rally 4X4 (FIA prepared vehicules)
Trucks 4X4

The fee of participation is fixed as follows:
Until 30/09/2004*
Motorcycles € 180
Automobiles €240
Trucks 4X4 €280

From 1/10/2004 until 31/10/2004*
Motorcycles €250
Automobiles €300
Trucks 4X4 €350
*The fee for foreign participations includes accommodation for 5,6 & 7/11

The races of this type, appear to have big success and the race of Rodopi will be the best of the year!

More information you can find in site of the race, email: and in +30 697 4095312


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