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WCH MX: Rnd 16, GP of the Netherlands, Lierop Ramon on the pace in the sand


Red Bull KTM rider Steve Ramon secured his second pole position of the season today in the deep sand of Lierop for round sixteen of seventeen in the 2005 FIM Motocross World Championship.

Practice and qualification at the Grand Prix of the Netherlands took place under hot and sunny conditions. The sandy terrain became rougher and more technical throughout the day with the ruts on the timing section in particular proving to be a tough test.

With some inventive lines Ben Townley was first and second quickest in the two free practice sessions while Ramon also lingered among the top six fastest. Townley would classify just half a second behind his Belgian team-mate as Stefan Everts squeezed into an ‘orange sandwich’ with second spot.
Kenneth Gundersen was back in action after his thumb injury on the Isle of Wight prevented the Norwegian from taking part in the Grand Prix of England. Gundersen recorded the eleventh best effort.

In MX2 Tyla Rattray showed his prowess in the sand by easing to a straightforward victory in the opening qualification heat. The South African seemed comfortable in sustaining his speed from the Isle of Wight where he grabbed victory last week. The Champ KTM rider finished almost fourteen seconds ahead of Rui Concalves while team-mate Carl Nunn was third.
In the second race Marc de Reuver, competing at his home Grand Prix, took two laps to build up his speed and pass KTM compatriot David Philippaerts and Yamaha’s Antonio Cairoli.

MX2 Qualification Heat 1

1. Rattray, Tyla KTM 26:50.484
2. Goncalves, Rui Yamaha 27:04.251
3. Nunn, Carl KTM 27:08.050
4. Chiodi, Alessio Yamaha 27:09.819
5. Mackenzie, Billy Yamaha 27:10.400
6. Nagl, Maximilian KTM 27:15.556
7. Caps, Patrick Honda 27:18.500
8. Pourcel, C Kawasaki 27:19.472
9. Swanepoel, G Kawasaki 27:21.826
10. Schiffer, Marcus KTM 27:35.942
11. Boissiere, A Yamaha 27:47.345
12. Monni, Manuel KTM 27:58.342

MX2 Qualification Heat 2

1. de Reuver, Marc KTM 24:46.400
2. Philippaerts, David KTM 25:01.187
3. Leok, Aigar KTM 25:07.436
4. Cairoli, Antonio Yamaha 25:20.660
5. McFarlane, A Yamaha 25:29.749
6. Avis, Wyatt Honda 25:32.495
7. Seistola, Matti Honda 25:39.746
8. Guarneri, Davide Yamaha 25:50.984
9. Wing, Jonas Yamaha 25:52.962
10. van Vijfeijken, R Yamaha 25:54.504
11. Renet, Pierre A. Yamaha 26:04.036
12. Roos, Patrick Yamaha 26:12.896

MX1 Timed Practice

1. Ramon, Steve KTM 2:00.720
2. Everts, Stefan Yamaha 2:00.907
3. Townley, Ben KTM 2:01.185
4. Leok, Tanel Kawasaki 2:02.603
5. Pichon, Mickael Honda 2:02.624
6. Coppins, Joshua Honda 2:02.928
7. Verhoeven, Bas Honda 2:04.346
8. Strijbos, Kevin Suzuki 2:04.364
9. Jorgensen, Brian Yamaha 2:04.753
10. de Dijcker, Ken Honda 2:05.519
11. Gundersen, K KTM 2:05.722
15. Barragan, J KTM 2:07.322

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