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JEREMIE WARNIA with a special evolution of the 4 stroke Wild HP 450 quad!

The works GAS GAS quad rider Jeremie Warnia will take part, at the commands of an evolution of the Wild HP 450, in the Paris Indoor Supercross, a great European event which will join the best quad riders of the moment coming from several countries of the world.

This international meeting will take place from 30 September to 2 October, including the scrutineering event, as part of the 2005 World Two-wheel Show in Paris.

In a world-level event where only the best quad riders from those countries with the top national championships have been invited, the young French rider can boast to be among the chosen.

“We are very happy with Jeremie Warnia’s invitation,” confirms Joan Gurt, quad GAS GAS team manager, and continues: “This proves that we count on one of the top riders in the sport in our team, with great future projection due to his young age. But it also means an excellent opportunity for GAS GAS, because there will be wide media coverage with big attendance of riders, manufacturers, the media
and televisions from a wide range of countries.”

Coming from the USA, Canada, Holland, Great Britain, Spain or France – the host country –, quad riders from both sides of the Atlantic will ride face to face for the first time in a meeting which will take place in an indoor circuit, where they will measure their skills at the commands of their powerful machines.

In Gurt’s words, “in contrast with the QuadCross championships, in Supercross there is not really a race on flat ground where you must calculate precisely the approach to the corners, it is jump after jump instead. The specialists in this type of event are the Americans, who are real professionals in this sort of competition and make a living out of it, as opposed to the Europeans.

That is why the Paris event will be a great show where we will be able to compare the level of the American riders with the Europeans.”

Jeremie Warnia’s participation in the French event has motivated a revolutionary evolution of his GG Wild HP 450, which is still being built. This is most likely to allow the works GAS GAS rider to face this new type of race with full guarantee of success.

“Right now we are immerse in the evolution of the Wild HP 450 for the Paris event, but I can tell you that he will count on a more powerful version of the engine, which will allow him to start faster, and he will also have a new frame and swing arm, with specific settings and electronic box. Warnia is 100% fit at the moment, and I think he will be among
the European top five in the qualifying heats. But we will have to count on the main US rivals, see their level and what stage of development their bikes are in. We will surely learn a lot from that,” concludes Joan Gurt, who is also a quad rider.

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