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Φροντίδα - λίπανση της ντίζας συμπλέκτη

Φροντίδα - λίπανση της ντίζας συμπλέκτη (English)

Is your clutch a little rough on the pull? Make it pull smoother by lubricating the cable. To insure smooth pulling cables, maintenance should be done on approximately the same schedule as changing a top end at the bare minimum.

Step 1:
Remove cable ends. It is easiest to remove the end at the lever first. This happens to be a clutch cable so you have to remove the side cover to get to the cable end.

Step 2:
Use a cable lubing tool. You can get these at any local bike shop. Clamp it around the cable and tighten the screw.

Step 3:
I use a simple light spray lubricant to clean the cable first like WD40. You will be suprised at how much black junk will run out the other end. Spray untill the liquid coming out is fairly clear. This indicates that the cable jacket is now fairly clean.

Step 4:
Now use a cable lube and finish up the job. You can use any number of products from Bel-Ray, Maxima, and many others. You want a good silicon or teflon coating to help the cable slide frictionless in the jacket.

Step 5:
Hook the cable back up starting with the end away from the lever. Then hook it up to the lever and adjust according to personal preference.

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